Is Prostitution & Escort Service legal in India?

Prostitution and escort services are legal and the norm in many parts of the world today, but not in the country India. Therefore, you could land in serious water if you attempt to start such a thing in a country which has a history of being against prostitution and escort services.

Technically, Prostitution is Illegal!

When it comes to India, prostitution and escort services have been dealt with extensively by the laws of the country. The general rule is that the act of prostitution and escort services are STRICTLY prohibited in the country and there is severe punishment for anyone who disobeys.

For example, it can lead to very serious flogging or long-term imprisonment. The country has initiated several moves such as women commission, NGO’s to ensure that the country is free from prostitutes. One of such measures is to deport as many prostitutes as they can back to their own country if they find out.

But Prostitution and Escort services are Widely Popular in India

There are many places in India which are considered to be red zones when it comes to prostitution. These areas are usually filled with different types of hotels and brothels such as Sonagachi, GB Road Delhi and other which promote prostitution to the highest.

In these hotels, it is quite easy for you to get a lot of call girls from different countries and nationality. Although prostitution is completely illegal in the country but the government does not interfere to such places. Everything is done in private and underground to ensure that the authorities are not invited to the party.

However, EscortSearch is not an escort agency nor it provides any kind of prostitution services. It is just a secure dating classified directory where individuals can place ads for meetings.

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